Utilities and services based on blockchain

Solutions with blockchain technology.

From INTEGECO GROUP we offer services with blockchain technology that come to solve some problems at a relatively low price and always adapted to your needs. Services not only oriented to large corporations or technology companies, but also to small and medium enterprises.

For example, we can organize the traceability of your data (files) and even, if necessary, be certified by a third party (our judicial expert), that these files have been modified or not. Suppose a corporation has a call reception center and they are registered and it is necessary at some point to prove the authenticity of the call record file made by the corporation before a claim of the customer, either initially or in an arbitration or even before the courts. In GRUPO INTEGECO, we organize a system with Blockchain technology, always maintaining the privacy of your data, to be able to certify even by judicial expertise if necessary, if that file of the recording has been modified or not.