The electronic scan is a measure that analyzes sensitive spaces (companies, hotels, homes, vehicles, …), with the aim of locating possible wireless wiretaps or hidden cameras that can reveal information treated in meetings of high level of confidentiality. It is not only a defense, but also a preventive one.

The usual work procedure consists in doing a previous cleaning of the area with our best electronic devices and the best TSCM technicians, in which there will be a meeting of top executives or politicians or celebrities or people of special public interest …

Although it is also vital for those with prominent positions in companies of international origin that require hermetic and safe places, where there are no possible leaks, to be able to communicate freely with their interlocutors.


Microphones via radio
Voice recorders
GSM microphones
Digital microphones
Electric microphones
GPS locators
Hidden cameras
Telephone transmitters


At preventive level periodically, depending on the activity and circumstances.
High level negotiations: political, business or any other type.
Confidentiality of information of both public and private interest.
When you believe that there is a possibility that you may have the risk of leaks or industrial espionage for your corporation.


Our services are oriented to both prevention and resolution of the situation, analyzing the risks and threats that may negatively impact your corporate image and interests.

We will advise you on the best practices and measures to be alert, avoid and counteract unwanted eavesdropping and recordings and be able to maintain the required confidentiality without being exposed to a leak of information, in video, in photo or in audio.

Get advice from our team of professionals, trained at the highest level in the handling of these sophisticated equipment to achieve the best results.

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