INTGECO GROUP, Spanish Multinational of, Among Other Sectors: Integral Security, IT Information Technology, Cybersecurity, … and INTGECO TRADE, dedicated to foreign wholesale trade in different sectors, especially in the HEALTH sector,

We have a team of partners with extensive experience in international security and services. Professionals, after assessing their risks, will give you a service tailored to your needs, controlling the precise execution, adaptation and effectiveness of the proposed solutions, professionals committed to give effective solutions in all areas of security; both public and private. Computer security experts, CSO, private security, instructors in police, military and private security, specialists in crisis situations, engineers, installation of alarm systems, central reception emergencies and control, detection and extension fire, operational security equipment, access control, detectors, lathes, drones, perimeter security systems, MARSEC, risk assessment, countersurveillance, K9, ….

And INTGECO TRADE health has a wide international network of commercial partners.

Everything for the quality of service.

Vicente Hernández Sánchez