Big Data and Sociothermodynamics for electoral campaigns and commercial marketing

The new generation of tools based on Big Data and Sociothermodynamics can make the difference between one and the other

Platform developed for the design and management of electoral campaigns in an efficient and scalable way. It uses demographic models inspired by computational physics fed with diverse databases to simulate the flow of opinions in the social network. Thanks to these simulations, the Location-Targeted Engine (LTE) software selects the best places and times to perform the field actions according to the target, in order to maximize the impact of the campaign. The organization of the campaign is done through the Campaign Manager (CM), the set of tools that allow the scalability and correct execution of the instructions generated by the LTE. The impact of the campaign is measured and directed thanks to the Meme Tracker (MT), continuously analyzing the comments made on social networks, blogs and digital media. The online strategy is complemented by the native links service (crumbs) offered by the Brandcrumb platform, where you can obtain socio-demographic profiles, interests and intentions of users who have read about the entities of interest for the candidacy.

In this type of campaign, actions on the ground and the correct choice of the profile of the citizen capable of offering his signature are key. In reality, this contact constitutes the “moment of truth” for the entire communication strategy of the candidacy and is key to the propagation of the message, and ultimately to the success of the campaign. In this context, Our Platform will be one of its essential pieces, because it will provide full visibility of the global ecosystem of the campaign: selection of locations, control of volunteer activity, level of compliance and involvement and continuous monitoring of the evolution of its impact on Internet.

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