Data Diode Solution

DiodeTennixThe Data Diode Solution enables enterprises and government agencies to transfer data from one domain to another via the most secure possible method, offering unparalleled assurance, while delivering superior unidirectional throughput.

The BAE Systems Data Diode Solution is Common Criteria EAL 7+ certified and UCDMO Baseline approved. The solution eliminates back channels and return paths, effectively mitigating risks of malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) designed to covertly exfiltrate sensitive data.

Data Diode Solution supports unidirectional transfer of files, streaming data, and email including attachments. The solution converts data into sequenced UDP packets that are then transferred across the Data Diode device. Once received, the UDP broadcast is reconverted back to its original format. The solution includes TCP support as well.


When your mission demands minimal downtime and data loss due to server failure, High Availability Library (HAL) enables resilient one-way network links. With HAL, automatic failover from a primary to a secondary system occurs in less than six seconds if a problem is detected.


  • Resilient against single point of failure, such as server, diode, network switch, or site failure
  • Automatic operation: no human intervention required
  • Minimal downtime: All transferred data is replicated simultaneously across both Diode links, allowing for timely, with minimal data loss
  • Maintains the security and unidirectionality feature of a single Interactive Link system
  • Total system status and health can be monitored via SNMP traps

Source: BAE